cash management analytics

Cash Management Analytics with OCS Cash Management

Web software to provide you with the management information and analytical capability to understand your current and historical cash position and trends as well as forecasting your future cash flows.

Utilising industry leading Analytics software visualise your cash flows in time series graphs to gain a deep understanding of your historical cash flows. Detect trends and forecast your future cash needs to optimise cash inventories and collections.

OCS' Analytics software and services is delivered by our team of data scientists and SAS and R Analytics experts at OCS Consulting BV based in The Netherlands.

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A comprehensive suite of software solutions to optimise your store and head office operations.

Point of Sales with OCS Cash Management

Simple and secure front-of-store deposit devices for cashiers to transfer excess and high value notes from till to smart-safe.

Efficient customer cash payments for Retail shops using CPI PaypodTM Kiosk.

Cash Automation with with OCS Cash Management

Secure, full function Note and Coin re-cycling solutions to automate the handling of cash in the back-of-store cash office freeing up more valuable staff time.

Operational Cash Management with with OCS Cash Management

Web and mobile enabled software to help you manage your cash devices across your entire store estate regardless of location.

Cash Management Analytics with with OCS Cash Management

Web software with analytical capability to understand current and historical position as well as trends and forecasting future cash flow.